Bing AI vs Google Bard: AI war between search engines

We have seen a disruption in the search engine market since the introduction of OpenAI ChatGPT. Microsoft had previously hinted at their intention to launch Bing with AI, and on February 7th, they finally gave a presentation about being integrated with AI and many exciting features. In response, Google developed its own AI approach and search engine. Most people believe that because Microsoft has nothing to lose here, they are being more aggressive with product introductions. But the question is “Will google be replaced“?

Microsoft Launches Bing with AI: A Game Changer for the Search Engine Market

The Microsoft event indicated the transition of PCs and servers to apps and mobile phones; now AI is the next step. They presented their data that 40% of the users backed out of their results after researching something related to specific queries, which means they were not accurate results. Then they showed a graph on which the x-axis was labeled with all the new AI products being introduced, while the y-axis had all the traditional search engines, and in the middle was the market gap that Bing would fill.

The new Bing would be powered by an AI that is, quote-unquote, more powerful than the ChatGPT. The new Bing would have a traditional search results page on the left, and on the right would be synthesized results related to the query entered. An example shown by the Microsoft executive was searching for a specific type of seat from IKEA and asking if it would fit in a 2019 Honda Odyssey. The synthesized results were not providing a correct output, which he accepted, but still, they were very useful for an AI model that is still in its initial phases. A feature introduced by him was the chart option that would be integrated into the browser. On clicking, a new page would open, and this page would have all the information regarding the previous result shown on your search, and you can refine those results by entering further queries. This would greatly enhance your experience. Following up with the information that you already entered would give you exact results.

New Bing
New Bing

New Bing PDF scanning Feature

Another exciting feature introduced in this presentation was the PDF scanning feature in the new Edge Browser. Bing Chatbot would be integrated, and the executive showed a sales report of a company named Gap, which was extended to 15 pages. Reading it and then concluding with results would be very hard. Therefore, he used the Bing feature to ask questions about these 15 pages. The Chatbot analyzed it, and it could summarize the entire topic and compare another PDF of an even larger length with the same PDF. Using the AI feature really saves time.

New Bing PDF scanning Feature
New Bing PDF scanning Feature

Google’s BARD: An AI Model to Compete with Microsoft’s Bing

On the other hand, Google decided to present its approach to the changing search engine market the next day by introducing its AI model called BARD, which is powered by its own language model called Lambda, which is very similar to GPT.
The issue arises when viewers notice that, after entering a question about the points that can be told to a 9-year-old about JWST, the prompt was answered with three points that were later found to be incorrect. This was the Blender that caused Google parent Alphabet to lose a hundred billion dollars in valuation in a single day, accounting for 7% of the company’s total stock value. Google’s stock price may recover, but its response to the ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing has left a very negative impression.

Google Bard
Google Bard


In conclusion, Bing AI and Google Bard are two significant breakthroughs in the field of natural language processing and search engine technology. While both are designed to enhance search engine results and deliver more precise and pertinent information to users, there are distinct differences between the two technologies. But the release of OpenAI GPT-4 may replace Google completely.


Is Bard AI better than Bing?

Google Bard provides a faster response than ChaGPT, even if it gets some wrong ones sometimes. Although it cannot replace ChatGPT Plus, it may be faster than Bing and the free, GPT-3.5 version of ChatGPT, though your mileage may vary.

How accurate is Google Bard?

sometimes, Chatbots can give wrong answers. This happens because they might not have the right information or they could be confused. This is a common problem in the industry, even for advanced chatbots.

Is Bard AI good?

Bard is a chatbot that sets itself apart from other chatbots by offering a rare feature that many AI chatbots don’t have. Yet, there are concerns about the accuracy of its AI platform. Recently, Bard made a mistake when asked a straightforward question about the James Webb Space Telescope during its launch, which resulted in some negative attention.

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